Nothing to celebrate on July 14 at La Trobe U

The proposal for the next round of restructuring are announced on Bastille Day

VC John Dewar will brief all staff on the University Transformation Programme tomorrow week. “This session will include the rationale for the change that will be proposed, an overview of the proposed changes to La Trobe’s operating model, and details on the consultation process, including timelines and support services,” he told the LT U community yesterday.

But lest anyone harbour hopes of what is coming Professor Dewar states clearly, “The savings we need to make can no longer be achieved through voluntary measures.”

The July 14th all-of-uni briefing will be immediately followed by meets at college/portfolio and school/division level, where managers will take questions.

As to the university-wide impact, the VC will take questions at a follow-up brief on July 28th. “This will give you a chance to absorb the changes being proposed before formulating your questions,” he says.