Nothing exclusive about Uni Super

From July, the fund will let anybody open a personal account

Who knows why: anybody who relies on the fund’s explanation might struggle, “legislative changes and market disruption are just some of the factors making it more important than ever for funds to evolve.”

But bigger will be better: “Opening to a larger group will allow the fund to grow, which in turn will allow us to deliver to our members the benefits of increased scale.”

Which are: “Increased scale will also help to ensure we remain competitive in the wider market without compromising on the exceptional standard of products and services”

Good-o, but UniSuper’s is pretty big already. A market report put its assets in December at $85bn (fifth in the market)

But whatever the reason, chill: “While we will be welcoming a broader audience, we will continue to act in the best interests of all our members not just today, but tomorrow and well into the future.”