Northern exposure in seven new CRC Ps

northern Australia CRC Project grants are announced.

Seven new northern Australia CRC Project grants are announced.

Sustainable cropping systems for cotton, grains, fodder: total project value $11.6m. Partners include, UWA, University of Sydney and CSIRO

Improved pastures: TPV $8.2m, with CSIRO and James Cook U among partners

Resistance to pearl oyster mortality: TPV $10m, James Cook U involved

Preventing viruses devaluing crocodile skins: TPV $4.8m. Partners include, University of Queensland, La Trobe U, ANU and James Cook U

Biosecurity and cattle quality: TPV $5.7m, James Cook U a partner

Banana crop productivity: TPV $3.3m, University of the Sunshine Coast will participate

Probio TICK initiative (sorry, no idea): TPV $6.9m, includes Macquarie U.



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