No up in update on wage bargaining at Uni Notre Dame

In July, it appeared enterprise bargaining negotiations were going nowhere at the University of Notre Dame Australia in WA. They still aren’t

Back then the campus branch of the National Tertiary Education Union said management was not matching its proposed three per cent per annum pay rise over the life of the agreement. Part of the proposed rise is wanted to bring UNDA closer to pay at the other West Australian universities, the union says. According to the union, “if we accepted UNDA management’s pay and super offer the disparity between our pay and the rest of Western Australian universities would only continue.”

“We believe the parties are getting closer to a resolution and therefore, so as not to prejudice these discussions, the university will not be providing public comment for the time being while negotiations remain ongoing,” PVC Selma Alliex says.

This is marginally more informative than the last time CMM asked the university how negotiations were going; “as we are currently in negotiations with the NTEU we are not able to comment,” UNDA said in July (CMM July 25).

The parties are scheduled to meet tomorrow.


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