Nice work if you can get it but UNE can’t

The Fair Work Commission has made final its interim orders made in March, which stop the University of New England establishing a new workload model in its faculty of humanities, arts, social sciences and education CMM April 11)

Commissioner Johns now  states that workload policies were in place when management sought to introduce its new one and it did not matter (as management argued) if those existing were inconsistent with the university’s strategic plan.

This is a good result for the campus branch of the National Tertiary Education Union, which fought the university over the workload model, intended to replace a staff-endorsed one. It also strengthens the union case in current enterprise bargaining negotiations over terms of academic employment.

It’s a bad, but not unexpected outcome for UNE management. While there is no word of any appeal it seems certain the university will keep pushing for a new workload model which, like the one knocked back makes it easier to place staff in specific teaching, or research, roles.


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