NHMRC still explaining gender equity

For years the National Health and Medical Research Council copped criticism for the way year men consistently received more grants than women. And so this year the NHRMC did something about, but only after consulting and then consulting some more

But it appears even now the message not reached all researchers. CEO Anne Kelso is in the Medical Journal of Australia on-line, explaining the what and why of its new policy to award equal numbers of Investigator Grants to men and women. “Among those who participated in the consultation, there was overwhelming support for a new intervention to improve gender equity in the scheme,” she writes.

Which might explain why she is explaining still – people not engaged with the issue not paying attention.

Gosh, now who might they be? CMM has no clue, but does remember the NHMRC commenting on Investigator Grant distribution that, “the predominance of male applicants at the most senior levels of the scheme, where budgets tend to be largest, is a major factor underlying the award of more grants and more overall funding to men than women,” (CMM February 4 2022).


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