Next steps as University of Queensland grows on-line business

Competition on price and product-form is picking up in online business qualifications, with MOOC provider edX in particular extending micromasters into full scale degrees. It’s an  uncharted market but one university out exploring is the University of Queensland, which pioneers micromasters and with Curtin U is now following with full business MOOC masters CMM October 12.

The first UoQ micromasters is close to completing and by April the university will have data on four. “The tables are turned,” a close observer of the university’s edX engagement says, “the institution is learning from our students.”

On the basis of what UoQ already knows, word is it will start using different availability models, with some courses being open 11 months a year for self-pacing students and others available for fixed periods three times per annum.

UoQ has also found that the appeal of a masters is strong, attracting people with diverse backgrounds. The university is responding by developing additional content and support for students who need help reaching the required academic standard.

Overall raw enrolments for all UoQ micromasters has reached 100 000, giving the university a big base for expanding numbers of completers who pay US100 for a completion certificate and converting edX users into full masters degrees, either on-line or on-campus.