New visa numbers point to growth in international education, for now

Higher education study visas granted in the first three quarters of the current financial year were up 10 000 on 2016-17, to 124 000, according to new figures from the Department of Home Affairs. However the trend is not strong, with total education visa applications down 7 000 to 117 00 for the year on year third quarters

Immediate demand from China held up with, the number of PRC students granted visas up 6 per cent, to 44 602. Visas granted to Chinese students for all visa categories increased by 4 000 to 54 000. Some 22 000 Indian higher education students were also granted visa, up 5 000 on the first three quarters of 16-17. Total Indian visas also increased, from 19 000 to 25 000.

But China applications are off, down 4 000 to 45 000 in the year to February, compared to the first three quarters of 2016-17.



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