New VET agency, same VET data

New peak federal agency, Jobs and Skills Australia is charged with providing “reports and analysis of of current, emerging, and future labour market, and workforce, skills and training needs”

It’s first report, on VET in regional, rural and remote Australia.  JSA finds, (who would have thought), “training is driven to a large extent by local industries with higher enrolments in agricultural and engineering-related training when compared with major cities.”

The report relies heavily on data from the National Centre for Vocational Education Research, which makes CMM wonder why JSA did not outsource the report to the NCVER itself – which has researched VET for 40 year plus years.  Perhaps because the JSA, like its predecessor, the National Skills Commission, is a Commonwealth agency, while the NCVER is owned by the federal, state and territory governments.

Ah federalism, aint it grand!