New research: young people rate universities, their parents, not so much

Young Australians rate university study but their older influencers are more sceptical of what a degree delivers, according to new research by higher education market analyst Tim Winkler.

Overall 90 per cent of Year 12 students surveyed said the quality of Australian universities was “good” or excellent” and 80 per cent believed an HE qualification would have the same impact in their getting a job. However, the gloss comes off once enrolled, with only 60 per cent of undergraduates rating a degree as a job generator and only half considering study good value.

Older people are ambivalent about the benefits of study. Overall 24 per cent of parents and teachers rate the value of a degree as “poor” or very poor, while acknowledging a qualification is important for young people in the job market.

The core message of Mr Winkler’s substantial study is education is linked inextricably to employment outcomes.

“Almost half of secondary school respondents said more work-place learning would increase the value of a university degree to them. This was clearly the standout area required to drive increased perceptions of value for all groups, regardless of gender, age or occupation.”


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