New PhDs to push the economic pace

There’s a new (as in original and with new money, programme) – with 1300 places over the decade

It comes from the previous government’s research commercialisation plan, which Labor in opposition indicated it would adopt and is now delivering in detail (CMM December 2).

The PhD part has two streams, for university-based researchers who do industry placements and for others who combine work and part-time study.

Both are about research that translates “into commercial outcomes”.  Which universities and officials may not notice under a neon sign, flashing, “patentable profit this way.”  And so the government has passed the project to expert providers.

Research commercialisation consultants Campus Plus (it “assists universities across the research commercialisation lifecycle”) leads the project. Cruxes Innovation provides training for researchers to connect with industry.

And Science and Technology Australia, deliver comms and outreach, “drawing on its deep connections across the research sector.”

The programme is a win for STA, which has campaigned for a “bench to boardroom training programme.”