New CRCPs: yet more industry focused research funding

The ninth round of Cooperative Research Centre Projects was announced yesterday

CRCP’s are funded for three years to address a specific problem. Research institutions participating in new ones include;

* Satellite traffic management (UNSW) $ 13.5m (total public and participant funding)

* Autonomous navigation (ANU, RMIT) $8.6m

* Embedded rail tracks (Uni Wollongong, UTS) $4m

* Robotic weed control (UNE, QUT) $8.6m

* Influenza vaccine production (CSIRO) $10.8m

* Manufacturing cancer radio-immunotherapy (ANSTO, Macquarie U, UTS) $10.6m

* Affordable cell and gene therapy (UNSW) $9m

* Mitigating taint of bushfire smoke in wine (Australian Wine Research Institute, Uni Adelaide) $2.3m

* Value-adding solar panel waste (Uni Melbourne, RMIT) $8.5m


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