New CRC: so good they announced it twice

Victory has multiple parents

The new CRCs announced yesterday were as expected; Heavy Industry Low-carbon Transition (to be based at Uni Adelaide), the Marine Bio-products CRC (“collaboratively conceived and driven by Flinders U”) and the Digital Finance CRC.

The first two issued standard statements. “more than 26,000 jobs will result from capitalising on the scaling up of a sustainable and export-oriented ‘blue’ economy,” Flinders U VC Colin Stirling said.

“The transition of heavy industry to net-zero carbon emissions is such an essential and important next step in Australia’s path toward a sustainable future” HILT bid leader, Uni Adelaide’s Gus Nathan stated.

Bid members were suitably supportive

And there was so much enthusiasm about the Digital Finance CRC that there were two entirely separate announcements.

Andreas Furche, “CEO Designate of the DFCRC” announced, it now had the, “mandate and financial certainty it needs to undertake effective long-term research and form deep partnerships with industry to help Australia become a global leader in establishing a fully digitised economy.”

And Macquarie U separately announced “it was the core research partner” in the CRC and that its Michael Aitken, “who led the successful CRC bid” “will lead a research programme focused on guiding the world through the next transformation of its global markets.”

CMM is sure everybody will get along splendidly.