New CRC pitching hard for research students

The Digital Health CRC launched Friday with big announcements about the way it will use data digitally delivered and analysed to improve heathcare and profitability.

There is a plethora of partners, 84 all up, from government, industry plus 16, no less!, universities. Given the size of the venture, there is also a bucket of money to spend over the project’s seven year life, $50m from the feds plus $110m in cash and $118m in kind from partners.

The new CRC emerges from the health quality market programme of the Capital Markets CRC which developed data analytics to address, fraud, waste and errors in healthcare.

This is a professionally packaged CRC, carefully targeting benefits for participants and engaging with the government’s applied research agenda.

The pitch ticks a bunch of boxes wanted by DVCs looking for more profile than journal citations secure, including, “potential for an active role in commercialisation,” “funding for post docs,” and “students more likely to complete PhDs in three years.”


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