New community health research funding

Ten projects are supported by the National Health and Medical Research Council’s partnership grants

Kirsten McCaffery (Uni Sydney) health-literacy for new parents ($495 000)

Martin Holt (UNSW) behavioural surveillance to address gaps in HIV response ($1.26m)

Marcus Chen (Monash U) syphilis testing/control ($1.25m)

Nikki McCaffrey (Deakin U) cancer information by phone ($936 000)

Kate Curtis (Uni Sydney) safety/quality emergency nursing care ($1.5m)

Andrea Driscoll (Deakin U) heart failure guidelines in regions ($1.26m)

Bianca Brijnath (National Ageing Research Institute) interpreting for dementia assessments ($271 000)

Robert Adams (Flinders U) GPs managing sleep apnea/insomnia ($1.44m)

Gemma Figtree (Uni Sydney) precision prevention coronary artery disease ($1.4m)

John Beltrame (Uni Adelaide) personalising acute myocardial infarction care ($1.5)