Needed: coherent systems for post-school study

The Full Service Six speaks up for all post-secondary students

The six dual sector universities are calling for the Commonwealth and states to implement the Noonan review of the Australian Qualifications Framework, “as a matter of urgency.”

“Students need more flexibility in combining vocational and higher education to access skills and knowledge they need to be successful.” The problem is, that rather than a “more coherent tertiary education system,” over the last decade, “connections between the vocational and higher education sectors have instead weakened due to increasingly entrenched differences between systems of governance, funding and regulation,” Victoria U VC Peter Dawkins told the Universities Australia conference yesterday.

This is the second time the informal alliance has made a policy case, speaking out in April for AQF reform (CMM April 10). The group is VU plus CQURMITFederation USwinburne U and Charles Darwin U.