Needed: a qualifications framework which works now

The Australian Qualifications Framework needs to be less enforcer and more explainer.

The AQF needs updating to cover changes in how Australians learn, “addressing the various forms of shorter courses and the array of options across tertiary education and training,” the Innovative Research Universities proposes in its submission to the framework review underway.

The IRU also asserts that with its original regulatory role now dealt with by dedicated agencies the AQF now should assist; “it needs to convey clarity about the system … (and) define in sufficient detail the nature of the major qualifications and their relationship to each other.”

Specific recommendations include:

* present the “full suite of tertiary delivery in its broad descriptive aspects” and include short courses, “capable of being so presented”

identify enterprise and social skills relevant to specific qualifications but not tie them to a specific AQF level

* reflect “significant stages in acquisition of learning and skills”with multiple qualifications attached to them

* not creating a credit point system based on notional hours for course delivery


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