National Taiwan U’s research ranking (yes Uni Melb is Aus number one)

Different source same-ish outcomes

The National Taiwan University ranks universities on a range of research publication and citation factors. “Indicators are designed to compare both the quality and the quantity of scientific papers in each university,” states NTU.

ANZ institutions in the world-wide first 500: Uni Melbourne is number one in Australia and 25th in the world, followed by Uni Sydney (29) Uni Queensland (40), Monash U (53), UNSW (58)

There’s a wait to the rest of the Group of Eight, UWA (116), Uni Adelaide (132), ANU (154) which is followed on the local list by Uni Auckland (199).

But then ANZ unis bunch-up; Curtin U (277), Uni Otago (298), QUT (=309), Griffith U (313), Uni Wollongong (338), Deakin U (344), UTS (=350), Walter and Eliza Hall (=350), Macquarie U (355) Uni Newcastle (356).

The other unis in the 500 are; James Cook U (=407), UTas (413), La Trobe U (462) Flinders U (=466), Western Sydney U (=466), RMIT (473), Swinburne U (488), UniSA (493).


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