National Health and Medical Research Council Awards announced

The National Health and Medical Research Council excellence awards are announced:

Rising star: Lisa Whop, Menzies School of Health Research. Cervical cancer among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island women.

Gustav Nossal award: Amanda Gwee, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute. Antibiotic use for newborns.

Frank Fenner early career award: Matthew Field, James Cook U. Data management for personalised medicine.

Marshall and Warren Award: James Bourne, Monash U. Vision and speech in brain injury.

Project grant: Stephen Nutt, Walter and Eliza Hall Institute. Regulators of antibody protection.

Programme grant: Jamie Craig, Flinders University. Genetic determinants of glaucoma.

Development grant: Shudong Wang, University of South Australia. Medicinal chemistry and cancer therapeutics.

Elizabeth Blackburn Fellowship-biomedical: Melissa Little, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute. Genetic engineering of kidneys.

Elizabeth Blackburn Fellowship-clinical: Leanne Togher, University of Sydney. Life outcomes after traumatic brain injury.

Elizabeth Blackburn Fellowship-public health: Rebecca Ivers, George Institute for Global Health. Injury prevention and trauma care.

Practitioner Fellowship: Sharon Lewin, University of Melbourne. Future of HIV care.

Practitioner Fellowship: Gemma Figtree, University of Sydney. Early detection and treatment of cardiovascular disease.

Practitioner Fellowship: Stephen Tong, University of Melbourne. Therapeutics and diagnostics for pregnancy complications.

Career Development Fellowship-clinical: Trisha Peel, Monash University. Outcomes following surgery.

Career Development Fellowship-clinical: Adam Deane, University of Melbourne. Patient care strategies in critical illness.

Career Development Fellowship-population health: Joanne McKenzie, Monash University. Statistical methods on effects of treatment.

Career Development Fellowship-population health: Germaine Wong, University of Sydney. Young people with kidney disease.

Career Development Fellowship-industry: Paulo Ferreira, University of Sydney. Effects of physical activity on back pain.

Career Development Fellowship-R D Wright biomedical: Daniel Pellicci, University of Melbourne. Studying the immune system.

Career Development Fellowship-R D Wright biomedical: Darren Creek, Monash University. Anti-parasitic drug discovery.


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