Murdoch VC wants peace by Christmas

VC Eeva Leinonen has told staff Murdoch University management wants “to return a regular rhythm of bargaining” with the union and reach a new agreement on wages and conditions this year.

Her announcement follows the Fair Work Commission decisions that allows the university to cut wages to the award safety net.

However, Professor Leinonen adds, “we have no intention of reducing take-home pay. To the contrary, we are striving to reach an agreement that sees your take-home pay continue to increase, as we continue to strengthen our position through challenging times.”

The university has now lifted its pay offer from 3 per cent over three years to a mix of cash payments and per centage rises. Murdoch is now offering, $1000 in cash from January 2018, a 1.0%, increase a year later, followed by $1500 in January 2020 and 2.0% the next year.

In line, with other universities, including ECU (above) this means a bigger per centage rise for more junior staff, which Murdoch is keen to explain, via an online benefits calculator.

However, Murdoch is still demanding simplified working conditions, “which provide the university with the flexibility it needs to meet the challenges we face, and that support our long-term financial viability.”

Earlier this week the NTEU signalled it was willing to return to the table – the question is will some, albeit not a lot more money be enough to give the two sides much to talk about.


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