Murdoch VC urges staff to do “very best” for international students

Vice Chancellor Eeva Leinonen has addressed international student recruitment and academic standards at her Murdoch U in a message to staff.

Professor Leinonen set-out how the university was maintaining academic standards and providing quality services for internationals and called for staff support “I trust that we will all do our very best to ensure that all our students who have put their trust and future into our hands are supported to do the best they can in their studies at Murdoch,” she said.

The vice chancellor also connected the cultural challenge facing international students with their English proficiency. ”Studying and living in a different cultural context can require major adjustments including learning to use a language which is not your mother tongue for higher level study.”  She added that this was also an issue for staff, “teaching and supporting students from different cultural backgrounds requires adjustments on behalf of staff and much is being done to support staff in this regard.”

Perth barrister Heather Millar is conducting an external review of international student recruitment and services, among other issues, at the university (CMM Tuesday).


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