Murdoch U’s great expectations for researchers

A draft proposal of research publication and income expectations at Murdoch U scares some staff but management says it has been “updated”  

Murdoch University is developing an “academic career framework” which management states is, “to provide a transparent and more consistent approach to probation and promotion along with outcome and workload expectations.”

A proposal circulated to staff provided targets for all academic levels by broad field of research.

Level E academics in engineering would need to punch out eight publications a year in well-regarded journals and generate $158 000 in research income.  In agriculture and vet science the quota is 11 publications and $288 000.  In the humanities, the numbers are not as large, four publications and $83 000 for a Level E in history and archaeology – although two publications and $31 000 might strike career commencers at Level A as an ask.

But not to worry, the university advises that these figures are “part of an initial set of data which has now been updated. The framework is being developed based on feedback from staff shared at a number of focus group sessions and through written submissions.”


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