Murdoch U union members call for an inquiry

At Murdoch U union members back staff who spoke up on international student entry standards. They have another idea management may not like

Last week the campus branch of the National Tertiary Education Union backed the academics who appeared on the Four Corners programme, “and pledges to support them in the event of any actions being taken against them as a result of their whistle-blowing.” Vice Chancellor Eeva Leinonen responded by not responding, saying in a staff message Wednesday, “it is not appropriate for the university to comment publicly on employment matters relating to individual staff members,” ( CMM May 16

The unionists also renewed previous calls for management to establish “a full, open, independent and transparent inquiry” into international student entry standards, pointing out that the University of Tasmania has commissioned an independent review of international admissions. (U Tas announced the inquiry before the Four Corners programme aired,(CMM May 7).  But that isn’t the only investigation the union advocates. NTEU members are calling for a parliamentary inquiry or for the Visitor of the University to get involved (a largely ceremonial role held by the state governor, now Kim Beazley).


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