Murdoch U starts the sell

The day after the WA Government announced an inquiry into structural change for the state’s four public universities Murdoch U makes a big announcement – there will be a bit of this from some of the others

On Friday the university opened its Murdoch U starts the sell, at the state Food Innovation Precinct, south of Perth. Apparently, Murdoch’s specialised campus establishes a world-class destination for food professionals and researchers committed to advancing knowledge and production of food that is both good to eat and good for you.

It follows MU’s opening of its Boola Katitjin “technology enabled learning” building, which will meet 60 per cent of  teaching requirements.

With the state government interested in a case for a university-merger expect as many announcements as unis can find, to demonstrate what great jobs they are doing as is.

As Murdoch U VC Andrew Deeks  responded to the review announcement, “WA students benefit from having diversity of choice, from which they can find a university that suits their character, circumstances, and ambition.”