Murdoch U on its international student standards

Four Corners’ claims are “not true,” “manifestly wrong” and “incorrect” VC Eeva Leinonen says

Professor Leinonen wrote to staff yesterday to “respond to the overarching claims made by the ABC programme on Monday night,” with “an evidence-based snapshot of our performance, outcomes, strategy and satisfaction across our international student activities.”

Specifically, she states:

* Murdoch U has not built a surplus by increasing international enrolments. “International onshore student fees are just one of the university’s many revenue streams and represent just 15% of our total revenue”

* Murdoch University has not lowered entry standards, including English language requirements for international students. “Murdoch maintains admission and English language proficiency standards that are in line with those across the sector.”

As to the core claim, that the university admits inadequately prepared international students, Professor Leinonen says this is incorrect, adding, “where there have been areas of lower performance, we have taken measures and seen improvement.”

She details seven specifics, including “tripling our resourcing of peer-assisted support” and adding comms skills units.

“I understand that the kind of media coverage we have received this week can be distracting. However, the real story is positive,” the vice chancellor says.


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