Murdoch U moves to cut staff costs

Management announces it has found $21m in savings, which is good 

But not enough and pay is now on the agenda. “Like in all universities across the country, salaries are our biggest expense. Therefore, this is an area we cannot ignore,” Vice Chancellor Eeva Leinonen told staff yesterday.

Professor Leinonen announced a freeze on “fixed annual” senior staff salaries, and on “non-critical” recruitment.” Staff can also temporarily reduce their working hours and pay for six months.  Plus, they can take accrued leave which will be compulsory in “excessive” cases.

There will also be a “reallocation of academic workload for teaching and research staff where appropriate.”

“Staff will be allocated up to 80 per cent of their time for teaching, with arrangements made to safeguard those performing essential service roles and priority research areas.”

And in case anybody is not happy the VC adds; “if we are to emerge from the current crisis in a position of strength, the university needs your support. Doing so will not only help us all manage this sudden and unforeseen shock, but go a long way to help protect jobs.”

However maybe not far enough, Professor Leinonen concludes; “it is also likely that further significant measures and decisions will be required.”