Murdoch U CRICOS registration: what TEQSA wants

The university is renewed on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students

Yesterday the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency which oversees the CRICOS register stated.

“Murdoch University has agreed to provide TEQSA with information about its students’ English language proficiency and academic preparedness, management of education agents and student visa requirements at regular intervals over the next two years. This information will assist TEQSA monitor the implementation and outcomes of recently introduced changes to policies and procedures at Murdoch University.”

To which Vice Chancellor Eeva Leinonen responded in a message to staff, “we agree with TEQSA’s assessment that there is still room for further improvement.”

CRICOS re-registration follows a TEQSA “compliance assessment” of Murdoch U which concluded the university met international student admissions and English proficiency requirements (CMM October 8).

TEQSA commenced the assessment in May last year following allegations on ABC TV’s Four Corners regarding academic standards among Murdoch U international students, which the university strenuously rejected.


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