Murdoch U cancels Perth “vertical campus”

The  university’s has bailed on its $250m downtown development, announced In 2020

The plan included an eSports facility and a “STEM focused” international college, with 10 000 staff and students.

The project was originally planned to open 2023-24, with the university committing $250m and the state government a further $50m.

But the university says a building to “accommodate” 60 per cent of teaching requirements is under construction on its existing city-adjacent campus and is its priority.

“While the CBD campus had merit, the impact of COVID on the university’s finances required us to review our priorities,” the university states.

The major university participation in the Commonwealth and WA government “Perth City Deal” continues, albeit at escalating cost. Edith Cowan U’s city project was originally costed at $545m for construction but is now expected to cost $835m. The university is in for $360m.