More to make some La Trobe U staff nervous

Academics in business-related disciplines are asked to complete “career success goals”. Just filling in the forms will be an achievement

Staff are invited to complete the forms are ahead of discussions with department management. There are mandatory performance and cultural indicators in teaching, research and career categories.

Some look less indicator than instruction. For example, “I will demonstrate that I care about the future employment outcomes of my students by arranging for five practicing professionals to each mentor one of my students through the La Trobe Industry Mentoring Scheme.”

There are also publication and income targets per discipline for people with various research loads and staff-levels. Plus, service indicators including, “up to 80 hours service to the university as agreed with or directed by the head of department.”

Performance targets are a bit alarming for some staff, worried about their jobs and still unsettled by last month’s (incorrect) speculation in The Age that LT U was in imminent financial strife (CMM June 2).