More time until Turnitin decision

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is interested in plagiarism detector Turnitin’s proposal t takeover over way-smaller (at least in Australia) competitor Ouriginal Group (CMM July 7).

“Barriers to entry appear to be high in this market, with strong network effects and economies of scale being enjoyed by Turnitin. What we are focussing on here, is whether Turnitin is buying out its most promising competitive threat to protect its market position,” ACC commissioner Stephen Ridgway said in September (CMM September 13)..

The proposal has attracted not much public comment from HE providers but teaching and learning observers who are concerned now have a while to wait to learn what the ACCC will do.

The Commission originally expected to announce its findings on November 18 but now states it is waiting information from Turinitin and will announce a decision date “in due course.”