More staff cuts at UNSW

200 more jobs are being disestablished

At UNSW, staff are contemplating the next round of job cuts in the university-wide administration restructure. According to a union message to members over 200 positions will be “disestablished” with big losses in faculties notably in medicine (58), science (34), engineering (31), arts and social sciences (27), and art/design (22). Law is expected to lose five positions and built environment (three).

Facilities management (around 20) is the latest central services provider to lose staff in this round, following IT, finance and media/marketing where 230 existing roles all up were targeted to go earlier this year.

A spokesperson for the university says “while this is a difficult time” for people whose jobs are “disestablished” they have “first opportunity” to apply for jobs being created in the new structure and that during the present restructure professional staff positions have grown by 4 per cent. Overall the university will create 8 per cent more jobs when the new administration model is complete in 2025. “To achieve our strategic goals, UNSW needs to change and future-proof the way it deploys its professional services.” 


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