More research open access

Journal publisher Annual Reviews makes all its content “open”, as in for everybody, access” in ANZ

The Council of Australian  University Librarians announces the arrangement for Australia and New Zealand a year before the publisher goes global.

The arrangement is based on Annual Reviews earning target income from subscriptions and on that basis making all content free for everybody and anybody to read.

The publisher piloted this “subscribe to open” model in 2020, when readership increased four-fold.

Annual Reviews is a non-profit, “dedicated to synthesising and integrating knowledge for the progress of science and benefit of society” by publishing research literature reviews in 51 journals.

This is another innovation for CAUL, and a variation on its OA approach with multiple publishers that links open access and pay to publish to the cost of subscription (see for example CMM November 23 2001).

It may also suit the idea Chief Scientist Cathy Foley  floated last year, of centrally negotiated  national agreements with publishers, (CMM November 16 2021).