More power to ASQA

The Australian Skills Quality Authority is pleased indeed that it will oversight training packages, from January

“We will leverage our deep understanding of Australia’s national training system and draw on our extensive regulatory skill set and capability to inform the training package assurance function,” CEO Saxon Rice modestly mentions.

The learned Claire Field was quick to notice the change, set out in a legislative instrument made last week.

The change is part of broader training reforms that include “Industry Clusters” replacing the Australian Industry and Skills Committee structure.

The new model is in-line with Joyce Review recommendations, which warned that the existing system for training package development, approval and amendment can “take several years.”

“This lengthy process means that training packages can be out of date before they even start to be taught,” Mr Joyce warned.

Shadow skills minister Richard Marles says that the proposed industry cluster model would continue under a Labor Government, although unions as well as industry and government would be included (CMM yesterday).