More jobs to go at RMIT

It’s not as bad as speculated but it’s still bad

On Wednesday CMM asked RMIT how many jobs could go as a result of the current consultation for a redundancy round and was told; “RMIT, “is not working to or aiming for a particular headcount target, ”(Thursday’s issue).

This changed overnight, with the university rejecting an ABC report Thursday morning that 1200 people at RMIT “could be out of work.”

“While no final decisions will be made until consultation is completed and feedback has been considered, should the proposals proceed it could see up to 250 job losses across the university,” RMIT stated yesterday.

Jove! If this in the number of people who could go when RMIT, “is not working to or aiming for a particular headcount” imagine the carnage if management tried.

And RMITers report some managers are trying, with academic and professional staff being invited to chats about their future or lack of it, if the existing change proposal occurs.

Word around the campus traps is the proposal has provisions for involuntary redundancies and for “spill and fills” in restructured units.

Some 355 staff were approved for VR in the round just completed.

This could soon be 600 departures.


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