More industry-linked research funding

There are five new Industrial Transformation Training Centres are announced

Monash U: Cryo-electron microscopy of membrane proteins for drug discovery ($4.789m).  “Train industry-ready, world class graduates in cryo-electron microscopy of membrane proteins,” (for) industrial expansion in structure-enhanced drug design. Patrick Sexton and colleagues Industry partners include: Clarivate Analytics.

Uni Melbourne: Optimisation technologies for advance manufacturing ($4.86m). Kate Smith-Miles and colleagues. Industry partners include: Boeing, Woodside Energy.

UNSW: Global hydrogen economy ($4.9m). “Transform Australia into a hydrogen powerhouse by building enabling capacity in hydrogen innovation in a short timeframe.” Rose Amal and colleagues. Industry partners include: Kawasaki Heavy Industries.

QUT: Collaborative robotics in advanced manufacturing ($4.87m). Jonathan Roberts and colleagues. Industry partners include: Cook Medical Australia

Uni Queensland: Information resilience ($4.88m). “Building workforce capacity in Australian organisations to create, protect and sustain agile data pipelines.” Shazia Sadiq and colleagues. Industry partners include: Queensland health, police, transport and education.

Good news for the five, bad for the 26 failed bids.

The announcement follows the news of five Industrial Transformation Research Hubs (CMM July 3).

So, what’s the difference you ask, (oh, go on). The Australian Research Council advises Hubs work with industry, “on strategic outcomes that are not independently realisable.” Training Centres provide “innovative” HDR and post-doctoral training for, “end-user focused research industries.”