More changes to presenting the ATAR

The way HE providers present admissions info is required to be clearer

The Higher Education Standards Panel (which advises the minister) has proposals out for consultation. It’s the result of a brief last year from then education minister Alan Tudge, on transparency of admissions information for postgrads and international students CMM June 24 2021) and that perennial favourite, use of the Australian Tertiary Admission Rank for entry.

CMM thought ATAR transparency was sorted by the terminology changes established by the Admissions Transparency Implementation Working Group (CMM February 8 2018), but apparently not.

Mr Tudge asked HESP to advise how to, “ensure the inclusion within student ATAR data profiles of all recent secondary education students, regardless of whether ATAR was a factor in the student’s admission.” Perhaps this will assist with culture-warring complaints about teacher-education entry standards, Hopefully   ensuring quoted ATARS for entry reflect reality might mean people don’t give up on applying for courses that look harder to get into on the ATARs quoted than they are.

The admissions information extension for internationals and coursework postgrad applications will bring the markets into line with what is available for domestic undergrads.

Responses to HESP’s thinking on what needs be done and how to do are due by November 2.