Morale at “all time low” Flinders U union warns

Morale at Flinders is at an all-time low. Anxiety is high. The university’s proud history is under threat,” the campus branch of the National Tertiary Education Union warns Chancellor Stephen Gerlach and the university’s council.

A union survey of members found 90 per cent of them think management does not value staff contributions, 87 per cent say there is no “genuine collaboration” or “meaningful consultation” and just 7 per cent have confidence in management to “empower staff” and “build trust”. “We believe this survey is a realistic snapshot of wider staff sentiment,” the union advises Mr Gerlach.

Apocalypse-wise this is the four grim riders mounted on Shetland ponies, reflecting the relatively pain-free academic and administrative restructure at Flinders U over the last year, with head count cuts largely achieved by voluntary departures. It is doubtful council will share the union’s alarm. Back in August the university offered Vice Chancellor Colin Stirling a new seven-year contract from next month, when he was just half-way through his first five year term ( CMM August 18).


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