MOOCs of the morning: innovation at Uni Newcastle and UniWollongong

A year back the University of Newcastle cut some humanities courses, but said there was “no intention to downgrade the humanities,” ( CMM October 30 2107). UoN has certainly delivered, announcing a full BA next year via FutureLearn. The three-year course includes 24 programmes. Anybody interested needs to inquire to find out what it costs and what specific subjects are on offer.

With universities piling into the business masters market via MOOC providers this is an ambitious approach which assumes there is a general market for arts degrees that DE providers are not already reaching either alone, or via Open Universities Australia.

The University of Wollongong’s “The Power of Podcasting for Storytelling,” starts today, via Future LearnCreator and scholar of podcasts Siobhan McHugh and UoW graduate, Grace Stranger teach content and creation. “It might also be useful for people working in media and communications,” Future Learn understatedly announces.


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