Monash VC Margaret Gardner is the next governor of Victoria

She finishes the old job on Friday August 4 and starts the new one the following Wednesday

Chancellor Simon McKeon announced the news to staff yesterday, which confirmed months of rumours that recruiters are searching for a new VC. There was certainly nothing hurried about his statement of her achievements which reads like it was months in the making.

“She leaves behind a significant legacy of growth and achievement which will be felt within the Monash community for many years to come, is Mr McKeon’s take-out.

The news also supports suggestions that Professor Gardner has worked for a while on a farewell address, addressing the state and future of higher education. It is said to be around the same longish length as George Washington’s genre founder.

Last year Professor Gardner published her playlist of songs she quotes in staff messages (CMM July 19 ’22). One is Queen’s “Don’t stop me now.”

As if anyone would try.

As to what happens next – Chancellor McKeon reports arrangements for an interim VC are “under consideration” by council with an announcement prior to Professor Gardner’s departure.