Monash U’s trainload of problems with rail plan

The environmental effects of building the Melbourne suburban rail loop is up for discussion

Deakin U raises a bunch of issues but overall recognises the project is a good-thing for its largest campus, at Burwood, which gets a station, calling it a “a once in a generation opportunity.”

CSIRO scores for a concern on a different spectrum to the usual development application worries about noisy new residents. It’s anxious about electromagnetic interference impacting electron microscopes.  CSIRO adds it will need more time to analyse data on groundborn vibration “before making a determination on the longer-term impacts to our site and the operation of sensitive equipment.”

And while Monash U is “very pleased” there will be a new station near the Clayton campus, its submission on environmental impacts warns the project “will affect the university’s ability to operate and meet its longer term strategic goals.”

In particular, MU mentions it will lose land bought for future growth and for existing  childcare and international student accommodation “potentially without compensation  and currently without replacement.”

There’s much more on many issues, including electromagnetic interference, and Monash U uses them to make a point; that it wants to work with the government authority in charge of the project rather than contractors and for the state to “provide for the contractor to make good when impacts have not been mitigated to the satisfaction of the stakeholder.”