Monash U’s new equity, diversity, inclusion, framework

“we have a lot more work to do”

The new statement replaces the original, covering 2018-21, which the university acknowldges had two limitations, “disparate, duplicated reporting” and “a lack of knowledge and application of intersectionality.”

“By containing our work to action plans supporting key marginalised identities, we have not adequately captured many people’s lived experiences that cross between and through these identities” Monash states.

The themes of the new framework include,

* “we need to ensure every member of the Monash community, particularly our non-Indigenous members, are aware of the active role they need to play in dismantling colonialism”

* dismantle silos, “to ensure we can all learn from one another, and support each other”

* “empower all members of our community to advance equity, diversity and inclusion”

* “go beyond compliance, and instead create an environment for creative, innovative solutions to complex social issues”