Monash University education and research awards

Monash University has announced the vice chancellor’s education and research awards.

Early Career Researchers:

Humanities and Social Sciences: Jennifer Windt (Arts), Selby Coxon (Art Design and Architecture).

Science and Technology: Eric Chow (Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences)

Research enterprise: Monash Centre for Additive Manufacturing

Research Impact: Graham Currie, Dr Alexa Delbosc

Research impact and enterprise: Monash University Accident Research Centre

Postgraduate supervision: Tony Patti (Science)

Citations for outstanding contributions to student learning: Adam Clulow (Arts), Jasmina Lazendic-Galloway, Thu-Ha (Hannah) Nguyen (Monash Business School), Erica Sloan (Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences)

Early career citation winner: Nick Parkin (Arts)

Teaching excellence award: James Roffee (Arts), Alistair Thomson (Arts), Dana Wong (Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences)

Priority area: Simone Gibson (Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences0

Honours supervision: Peter Howard (Arts)

Programs that enhance learning: Postgraduate Industry Experience Program, Information Technology, Gail Bourne, Chris Gonsalvez, Livia Mammarella, Peter O’Donnell, Harnam Thandi and Yiwei Zhong.

Excellence in postgraduate coursework teaching: Charanjit Kaur (Monash Business School)

Monash honour roll: John McNeill (Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences)


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