Monash U makes staff an offer

Monash U proposes a 13 per cent headline pay rise across the new enterprise agreement

VC Margaret Gardner tells staff, the university is, “committed to reaching a fair agreement” and acknowledges, “external economic factors, particularly inflation and interest rates, affecting many of our staff.”

The pay offer includes 3 per cent last December, with 4 per cent to come in June and 3 per cent in June ’24 and ’25.  The university will pay this year’s rise independent of the state of bargaining for the new agreement.

Professor Gardner adds that the offers does not apply to senior professional and academic staff, whose pay will be considered by university council this year.

The Monash U offer is not far off the National Tertiary Education Union’s current bargaining all-uni demand for 15 per cent (CMM April 21 2022) and similar to the headline 14.1 pay rise through to 2025 agreed at QUT (CMM December 8’22). Monash U advises that over the 30 months covered it compounds to 13.6 per cent.

However Monash U management was silent yesterday on other National Tertiary Education Union bargaining claims, such as improved protections against restructures and “80 per cent secure on-going employment” by next year.