Monash U closes more on campus

But staff who have to stay can apply for reduced parking fees

Attendance at lectures face-to-face is no longer permitted. Lectures will only be available via livestream and as recording post lectures.  Tutorials, workshops and seminars will continue in online mode,” Vice Chancellor Margaret Gardner tells staff.

The ban is in place until April 30.  However, 20 essential services, plus support for their staff continue on campus. The list includes “core IT,” research services, student services, accounts payable and revenue, plus comms. In admirable optimism student recruitment is considered essential.

Professor Gardner previously thanked, “the many, many staff who continue to go above and beyond in managing what is a very difficult situation. Your efforts, commitment and dedication are noticed,” (CMM, Monday). But apparently not enough to waive parking fees. The VC advises people who are still working on-campus, “will also be eligible to apply for part of their parking permits costs to be rebated.”

Some Monash U staff are also unhappy about who will qualify the new university isolation leave, to care for their kids over this week’s extended school holidays brought in by the Victorian state government. This is not available to staff who had already applied for leave over the schools break.


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