Monash U braces for more COVID-19  

In a comprehensive message to staff last-night Vice Chancellor Margaret Gardner outlined plans for university business to continue as usual as possible in times that aren’t

This is the biggest challenge I have seen the tertiary sector face,” she said.

Professor Gardner focused on continuity, detailing how teaching and assessing “flexibly” meant international students still off-shore “will have an excellent educational experience, in parallel with those participating in on-campus programmes.

She also detailed the continuing need for changing workloads and how staff would be compensated. And Professor Gardner specified savings to make-up revenue loss;

* delaying capex for the year

* increasing borrowings

* “asking all areas to carefully considerrecruiting for on-going roles

However, she also assured staff, “While there will be changes in employment of sessional and casual staff, we have increased expenditure on our flexible programs which should reduce the impact of lower student numbers on sessional and casual staff employment.”

And “all standard confirmation, promotion and reclassification processes should continue.”

As to what happens next, “ Monash has mobilised quickly to manage this complex situation – and possible future issues associated with it,” Gardner said.