Monash to make its own mint as it builds on blockchains

Does ambition at Monash University know no bounds? Silly question really, demonstrated yesterday by news the university is partnering with venture capitalist Collinstar to create a blockchain based cryptocurrency exchange, using Hcash. This Monash’s Joseph Liu says is a value and information exchange system for blockchains, which is superior to Bitcoin. Hcash can potentially serve separate blockchains. The venturers will establish an R&D centre at Monash Clayton, with a node at Hong Kong Polytechnique U. Can a unit of cryptocurrency called the Monash be far away?

CMM suspects the news will interest Jason Potts and colleagues at RMIT who have set up what that university claims is the “world’s first research centre on social science of blockchain,” (CMM September 4) Splendid, an RMIT crypto-regulator for a Monash cryptocurrency exchange.



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