Monash lectures live – and even in person

The Monash U student association wants to know if in-person lectures are being cancelled by the university “in favour of on-line only lecture content.”  They say 37 units are identified with arts, science, biomed and engineering students effected and MUSA is surveying students to see if there are more.

However, the university replies that lectures in 37 units were offered on-line in first semester, using a platform called LIVE, but “Monash continues to make in-class attendance available for our students and has not shifted any lectures entirely online.”

Apparently LIVE is a good thing indeed; “LIVE allows students to interact with their peers and academics via their own device during a lecture. This platform provides students more flexibility, allowing them to annotate on a video feed of the lecture (during the live session), re-watch elements immediately, and access content later … Our students have highlighted significant improvements to learning as a result of the platform.”

Given it so great there is unsurprisingly more to come: “we intend to continue making LIVE available for lectures that are appropriately aligned to this type of offering.”


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