Monash creates its own news site (but outsources the announcement)

Monash U has launched Lens, a “content publishing site … sharing stories about the people, research and innovations of Australia’s largest university.” In creating its own content to build brand awareness and reach Monash U joins the University of Melbourne, which has its own research comms product, Pursuit.

Lens content includes opinion pieces, videos, podcasts and social media feeds across a range of topics such as politics and society, science, technology, business and economy, and more,” Monash says.

According to chief marketing officer Fabian Marrone, “the digitisation of the news industry has seen enormous changes not just to traditional newsrooms but also to the way organisations communicate with their audiences.”

Perhaps Monash talent is so busy researching and writing is the reason the university had to outsource the launch of Lens to an external comms agency.



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