Monash and Swinburne lead appointments, achievements

David Harvey (UNSW) wins the Australian Mathematical Society medal for 2019. Belinda Spratt (QUT) was honoured for early career teaching. The Gavin Brown Prize for published work went to Zdravko Botev, Joseph Grotowski and Dirk Kroese, all Uni Queensland

Julie Jomeen will join Southern Cross U as head of the School of Health and Human Sciences. She moves from the University of Hull.

Aileen Moreton-Robinson moves to RMIT in the new year to become a professor of Indigenous research. She leaves QUT, which will honour her as an emeritus professor at a graduation ceremony today.

Swinburne U announces its vice chancellor’s awards;

 Reconciliation: * Jennifer Turner * Lisa Williams, Lea Jones, Clare O’Kelly, Ann-Maree Colborne, Sharon Rice (Aboriginal Workforce Development Initiative)

Community engagement: * Huseyin Sumer, Eddie Brelsford, Elliot Henkel, Alan Duffy, Virginia Kilborn, Rebecca Allen (SHINE team) * Tay Fei Siang, Then Yi Lung, Hudyjaya Siswoyo Jo (Nurturing Social Community team)

Inclusion and diversity: * Julia Prendergast, Deanne Fisher (Gender agenda team), * Laura Wilkinson, Lachlan van der Velden, Mary Miceli, Daryl Steffen, James Hallinan, Anh Nguyen, Olga Lavouasier, Kaylene Tyler, Franx Ann, Hue Pham, Simona Jobbagy, Robbie Van Dijk (Family Violence Prevention project)

Teaching: * Andrew Rixon * Peter Mahon, Peter Ciszewski, Christopher McCarthy, Nicola Fish, Clare Dyson, Lucas Licata, Catherine Bamforth, Diane Sivasubramaniam, Amir Abdekhodaee, Cait Ryan, Matthew Cooke, Simon Morgan (Work-Integrated Learning)

Teaching (voced): Pia Armitage

Service: * Edmond Washington * Tiffany Milne, Tania Sabatino, Stella Chua, Shana Chong, Elisa Cassin, Sandra Luxton, Keryn Chalmers (AASCB business school accreditation)

Research: * James Ogloff  * Andrew Wood, Nicholas Reynolds, Philip Branch, Denny Meyer, Simon Moulton, Saulius Juodkazis, Michael Gilding, Nerida Cole, Gianni Renda, Sally McArthur, Paul Stoddart (ARC bio-devices centre)

Early career research: * Kwong Ming Tse * Andrea Phillipou

Industry engagement: Jennifer Wood, Muhammad Awais Javed, Elizabeth Mathews, Steven Knight, Scott Wade (corrosion mitigation technology for RAN)

Global initiatives: Aengus Topping, Emily Heard, Stewart Collins, Sally Rodrick, Alastair De Rozario, Elise Gumm, Carla King, Diana Gonzalez (Overseas internships for students)

Leadership: * Roberta Anderson * Terry McEvoy

Innovation: * Amirul Islam * Michelle Gillespie, Jessica Potter, Katie Routley, Mark Di Nardo, Vince Persi, Tony Davies (Reimagining Library and studentHQ)

Lifetime achievement: * Stephen Fankhauser, Andrew Peters

The Monash U vice chancellor’s awards for education and research go to

Teaching excellence: * Annette Bos, David Robertson (Sustainable Development Institute) * David Chapple, Susie Ho, Bruce Weir (Science) * Julia McCartan, Janeane Dart, Andrea Bryce, Aimee Dordevic, Liza Barbour, Nicole Kellow, Julie Brimblecombe (Medicine, Nursing, Health Sciences)

Honours supervision: Robert E Widdop (Medicine, Nursing, Health Sciences)

Enhance learning: Keith Sewell, Vivienne Mak, Tina Brock, Keenan Beaumont, Marian Costelloe (Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science)

Learning and teaching technology: Jonathan Li, Nathan Sherburn (Engineering)

Early career research: * Barbara Barbosa Neves (Arts) * Alisa Glukhova (Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science)

Research impact: Kate Seear (Law)

Research enterprise: Jayantha Kodikara (Engineering)

Postgrad research supervision: Graham Currie (Engineering)

University honour roll: John Bertram (Medicine, Nursing, Health Sciences)


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