MIT doing business in Melbourne and teaching in Brisbane

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology will be back at QUT in February, holding its second innovation and entrepreneurship bootcamp. The six-day course costs $6000, for which the 90 participants get a bunch of pain, plus a concentrated burst of MIT-ness. “You will be pushed beyond your limits,” as this year’s blurb put it; “you will sleep two-four hours a night. You will have fun. This is normal. This is MIT.” Theme for the new sleepless fun-filled course is sustainability.

MIT is also working with Melbourne education provider Cahoot. “Programs to provide state-of-the-art blended learning featuring MIT faculty (are) on the Cahoot Platform,” the Institute explains. Cahoot is providing a six-week online programme on ‘the intersection of leadership and innovation,” featuring MIT’s David Nino, for US$2499. It’s part of MIT’s “professional certificate in leading in the transformative era” with another course starting in December.

Cahoot also provides a platform Stanford U “tools of innovation” course, “facilitated by Stanford experts for the first six weeks.”


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